Hot cast vs. cold cast bronze...Is there a difference? There most certainly is!

Cold cast bronze is not bronze at all. It is an epoxy, polyester or urethane resin that is blended with small amounts of powdered bronze flakes or may simply be coated in a bronze colored or bronze powder laced finish.

The practice of marketing products in this manner has the potential of misleading individuals into believing that they are indeed purchasing a true bronze. Cold casting bypasses the very lengthy and skillful process of foundry casting and may be an inexpensive alternative for those wanting the look of bronze at a more modest price. Unfortunately this terminology is often abused with sellers receiving inflated prices by preying on the ignorance of people and attempting to sell these bronze substitutes as real bronzes.

Be very careful and get a clear understanding of what you are purchasing if the artist refers to his work as any of the following: • Cold Cast Bronze • Cultured Bronze • Bonded Bronze • Faux Bronze • Bronze (I have seen in many cases items advertised as bronze when clearly they were not).

Unless an artist or gallery has a working knowledge of bronze casting or is very clear about the method used in the creation of their work be suspicious. Many legitimate artists want to expand their customer base and income by providing an inexpensive alternative to true bronzes and are very clear about the methods employed to create their work. Sadly I have seen a marked increase in the amount of resin cast products being offered for sale and promoted as bronze. It is surprising to see the creative ways that many websites market these cold cast bronzes. I am more surprised by some of the well known artists that license their name to be used on these creations or allow their work to be presented in this manner.

Unscrupulous producers of these pieces will insulate themselves from the deception by mass marketing their products through many independant retailers or online vendors who's only consideration is making a sale by any means possible including misleading terminology, lack of proper descriptions and poor return policies.

Caveat Emptor "Let the buyer beware"

Charles' does not produce any cold cast resin products!